Friday, December 4, 2009

Video Game as a Medium

In the past 40 years, since the birth of video gaming, games have exploded tremendously, but only having a large cultural influence for the past 30 years. With its new and innovative colors, graphics and storyline video games have truly become an art form for this digital age. Even though there's still a lot more to examine with video games, the culture of gaming is rising in a similar way that film rose in its early years. However unlike film, video games are obviously more interactive, and some leave room for multiple endings where its up to the player to discover different paths. On the contrary to film, where filmmakers create the story, and you simply sit back and watch. Since gaming brings new ways of entertainment, not only visually but interactively, in addition to giving leeway to the players to discover new boundaries and endings, video gaming has then become a new addtion to the art medium, and a part of our daily lives.

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